Our Essential Skills Development Program is a unique and comprehensive programme that works at individual, social or organisational levels.

Depending on the organisation’s need, it can include most or only some of its components. The components can also be added progressively.

Consulting of Mind of Joy Consulting on the development of Strategic Human Skills at work

We offer consulting with analysis, advice and strategic plans to help organisations explore all relevant resources in order to assess, build and implement the most suitable programme for their needs.

Elaboration and Implementation of our
Essential Skills Development Programme

All organisations are different in terms of their activities, history and culture, as well as in terms of needs and expected results. This is why we have developed a progressive steps method of programme development and implementation, whose details are presented during the introductory meeting. It takes into account, among other factors, the context of the organisation and the need to create a pedagogical framework fostering the comprehension, promotion and implementation of the programme.

To go further, we also offer a seminar for CEO and executives which details the strategic dimension of each of the essential skills to be developed and addresses the critical aspects of their implementation and development over time.

In the context of organisations with subsidiaries in various countries and a high number of employees, we are able to propose implementation strategies of the programme that meet the highest level of needs and complexity.

Essential skills training has now become a key factor for the growth and sustainability of organisations, but it is a complex process that requires long-term vision and commitment. We believe that the improvement of these key skills in the professional context offers excellent opportunities for organisations to innovate at social and cultural levels, but that it also needs to be supported by learning and skills development programmes that are pedagogically and technologically innovative.

This is why, by monitoring the needs, constraints and actions put in place, as well as through market intelligence, we are able to support our customers over the long-term with inspiring and efficient solutions.

Social and Ethical

We believe that the workplace should be seen as one of the best ecosystems in which to defend and promote human values and well-being.

Today, essential questions are being asked about the development of trust, social bonds and commitment in multicultural, multi-generational and distributed work contexts. These aspects are undoubtedly leading to paradigm shifts in employee learning and experience strategies.

To support this need for social innovation, we have developed a unique approach based on:

  • 4 Postulates: Content, Method, Scale, Duration; and
  • 6 Strategic Factors: Context, Pace, Pedagogy, Organisation, Adaptability and Follow-up.

This is the basis on which we support organisations in the design and implementation of their work culture change.

Content Creation

For organisations and groups developing in-house training programmes, whether e-learning or face-to-face for their internal universities or academies, we offer the creation of customised content based on our six areas of essential skills.

For more details, please contact us.

Exploring the Results
of Scientific Research

There are currently hundreds of scientific publications related to each of our six areas of essential skills. Since the early 1990s, there has been a steady growth in scientific publications on these topics at an international level. Some studies are controversial, others are not necessarily pertinent for Europe, but many give us access to fascinating and relevant data about the importance of developing specific skills at work.

We provide our clients interested in the analysis of scientific research with an overview of the most authoritative studies and their results by theme. Upon request, we can also collect scientific publications on other topics related to the work context.

Engaging employees in a dynamic of individual and collective behavioural change is a complex and sensitive process that requires long-term vision and commitment.