Human Skills for
Teams & Leaders

Strengthening the human skills of teams and leaders is today a decisive management strategy to promote human values and ensure the growth of organisations in the face of sustainable development challenges.

Our programme, based on six areas of strategic skills, helps each staff member to develop the mental and behavioural attitudes that promote interpersonal relationships, well-being, resilience and engagement.

Our programme also builds the foundations for internal social transformation, establishing a shared culture of human values that can transform the organisation into an inspiring, fulfilling and successful entity over the long term.

Our set of
strategic skills

The solution to
different needs



Our Set of
Strategic Skills

Based on scientific evidence, we have defined a set of six areas of core human skills which are interrelated and mutually reinforcing.

This set of skills encompasses all the knowledge, mindset and skillset that help each staff member to observe, analyse and act in the most constructive way.

These human skills are highly beneficial, as they directly impact the achievement of the economic and social objectives of organisations1J. K. Harter, F. L. Schmidt and T. L. Hayes, Business-Unit-Level Relationship Between Employee Satisfaction, Employee Engagement, and Business Outcomes: A Meta-Analysis, Journal of Applied Psychology (2002) + T. Rath and J. Harter, The Economics of Wellbeing, Gallup (2002) + A. W. Woolley, C. F. Chabris, A. Pentland, N. Hashmi, and T. W. Malone, Evidence for a Collective Intelligence Factor in the Performance of Human Groups, Science (2010).. This is why they can be described as strategic human skills.

Tailored to different

sectors of activity

Our programme is adapted to different sectors’ needs by modulating the content of our six areas of human skills and by integrating specific contents.

Mind of Joy Consulting Remote Training
Integrate our contents
into your in-house
training programmes

Whether it is e-learning or training programmes for in-house universities or academies, we help organisations and groups to enrich their training content with tailor-made resources based on our six strategic human skills areas and specific training modules.

For more details, please contact us.

We have created training courses for:

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