Our Essential Skills Development Programme is a unique and comprehensive programme that works at individual, social and organisational levels.

Depending on the organisation’s need, it can include most or only some of its components. The components can also be added progressively.

Evaluations of Mind of Joy Consulting on the development of Strategic Human Skills at work

Our programme includes a series of evaluations conducted through individual questionnaires.

It is important to conduct an initial evaluation of the organisation on each of the Essential Skills to be developed, as this provides:

  1. A clear vision of the initial levels of staff members regarding their mental focus, awareness, emotional competencies, subjective well-being, prosocial skills, resilience, purpose and engagement.
  2. The possibility to modulate the training courses according to the results.
  3. Precise data to compare with the final evaluation in order to measure the impact of our programme and the different levels of progress.

One month after our last intervention, we conduct a second evaluation to measure the first impact of the programme.

As part of ongoing monitoring for Change Management and Organisational Culture Transformation, we conduct a further evaluation six months later and then every year, in order to measure the evolution and efficiency of the acquired skills and the organisational climate.

At the end of our final session, we undertake an evaluation of the quality and appreciation of our training sessions and the other services delivered. This takes into account, among others, the criteria defined by the ISO 29993:2017 standard.

Our programme has the capacity to improve individual and collective behaviours impacting well-being, relationships, efficiency and outcomes of the organisation.