Our Essential Skills Development Programme is a unique and comprehensive programme that works at individual, social or organisational levels.

Depending on the organisation’s need, it can include most or only some of its components. The components can also be added progressively.

Workshop of Mind of Joy Consulting on the development of Strategic Human Skills at work

Our programme includes a series of 5 workshops that address different needs for social and organisational transformation. Themes addressed and the number of workshops are decided with the management on the basis of the results of the initial evaluation, the objectives and the specific context of the organisation.

Our role is to facilitate them by providing the appropriate methods and tools to achieve the defined objectives.

1. Values & Mission

This workshop is essential for the evolution of the culture of the organisation. Following the training sessions, it provides definitions of the new set of key values and behaviours and the way they reshape the mission and culture of the organisation, while remaining consistent with the long-term vision and strategy of governance.

2. Processes & Activities

Once the fundamental values and mission have been defined, the following step is to reflect on their impact on the daily life of the organisation and its workforce.

The objective of this workshop is to give the new values a broader scope by defining how they are translated into the internal processes and social activities of the organisation.

3. Ways of Working

The objective of this workshop is to analyse and change some of the organisation’s ways of working in order to improve individual and collective efficiency, utilising scientific evidence and the observations which emerged following the training session on Mental Focus & Awareness.

4. Value Proposition

The objective of this workshop is to use the new set of key values to reconsider the organisation’s position in its market, the way it promotes its services, meets the needs and expectations of its clients and differentiates itself from other organisations.

This workshop is important because the values of the new corporate culture may influence marketing and sales strategies.

5. Job Redesign

Depending on the size and context of the organisation, this is an important workshop to promote job satisfaction, commitment, resilience and fulfilment.

After identifying the positions concerned, the objective is to redefine the tasks, the relationships, and the perception of the functions. The idea is not to change the roles of the employees but to ensure that they get the most out of them.

For a detailed presentation of the objectives and themes of each workshop, please contact us.

Building a culture in which people thrive and the organisation succeeds requires the explicit definition of key values and behaviours.